Friday, November 27, 2009

Mini Mitts

now that Oliver is safe and sound in his new home, I thought i better post something that had to do with knitting for a change. i mean the blogs is called pugsnknits after all. So my beautiful and wonderful 3 year old nephew tried on some adult fingerless mitts i had and exclaimed "I want some!" Well i can't deny him that so i just made up a simple little pattern for little hands. you can find them on ravelry here.

Mini Mitts

Yarn: Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran colorway 119 black (leftover from grandpa's sweater)
needles: size 4 (magic loop or you can double points as well)
gauge: i have no idea as i already gave them to him but will ask for them back later :)

CO 20 sts, join for working in the round. (K2,P2) an inch.

next round: knit all rows (stockinette stitch) for as long as you want it before the thumb. (mine was 3 inches from CO edge)

1st round: K1,M1,pm,knit to 1 st before end of round,pm,M1,K1.

2nd round: knit

repeat these last 2 rounds a total of 4X (or until you have a total of 28 sts.

then repeat round 1 one more time. (30sts)

next round: knit all sts until you get to the 2nd marker, remove marker, BO 4 sts

next round: BO 4 sts, remove marker, K2,P2 to end of round.

next round: continue in K2,P2 rib (joining back in the round) for one more inch.

bind off loosely. weave in ends. all done!

you can increase the number of sts or needle size to adjust to age. cooper is 3 and has fairly small hands. i would increase by and even number of sts.



lynda b said...

don't know who's cuter - the dogs or the cats or the kids

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this pattern. It's hard to find mitts for little ones... especially boys. This is perfect; I'm knitting a Viking hat (with horns) for my 3-year-old grand-nephew... these gloves will make "a set". I'll have left over yarn... so, I'm good to go. Thanks again.