Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I was on my way out the door for work this morning when what appeared on my front porch. this precious little guy. He is obviously a pit or pit mix with horrible scars all over him. he was very friendly and wagged his tail even with the obvious injuries. most were old but there was a fresh one on his leg and a swollen area. he is limping as that right front leg is so injured. super skinny. but after all this, he still had kisses for me. I have him in my back yard, gave him food and water but he needs a vet badly! I just can't bring myself to take him to the animal shelter. they dont give one hoot about dogs there. they will put him down for sure. I just feel like God put him on my front porch to help. I'm going to try and get him to a vet tomorrow for an evaluation to see exactly what extent his injuries are. I hate asking people for money but I really need help to save him. If you are able to give even just a little bit for his medical costs send the money to my paypal account I will post updates of his condition on this blog. thanks for reading. he will also need a forever home as i'm full with pugs.


HugABull Group said...

Thank you for taking him in...however long you can. He seems like a sweet, gentle soul and wouldn't do well in a shelter system (especially with his injuries). Is there a pit bull rescue in your state?

sisteramy said...

Oliver is going to go to a great foster home in Utah in about a week and a half. thanks for your support. he is doing really well. :)